The Importance of Finding a Job?

There are many people around the world being drowned to hunger and thirst due to insufficient salary or allowance. However, they still try to survive from this world. Why do people have to find a job and finance their family or themselves?

To feed yourself

If you know how to feed yourself by your own hands, that is you do not depend from anyone, you will be responsible to stand for your own provision. What if you have no food in your house?

To be mature

Those who know how to feed themselves know how to feed others. This is the beginning of responsibility. In fact, 90 percent adult in the entire world want to build a family. How can you build a family if you’re not responsible and you are ready to burden a responsibility?

Economic Growth

Actually economic growth depends on society’s income. Economy is good when people have a job. When unemployment rate is high, it is an indication that economy gets slow which is a problem.

To Invest for the future

NO one knows what will happen in the future. As a wise person, we have to invest something for the future so that if there is something bad that will happen in the future, you will be able to have something on your table in the times of nothingness.


If you have a job and you are working already for your self, you will bear confidence in yourself and you take pride that you are not in difficult times in terms of money.