The 3 major tips on how to manage a startup team

When you start your own business it is easier if you are alone built it becomes complicated when you have a team to manage that you do not know anything about them. People have their own perspective and ways on how to deal with things or problems and challenges on their way and it can be different with each of your team member. If the way to produce a product or a service is for a team to agree then it is a problem that it must be solved.

The video gives an introduction on what can happen to a business when it is not managed well. The leader or owner should have the first-hand role in making the team a successful one. Hiring someone to do it can be painful when that person leaves or when his vision is different from the leader or owner. The best thing is that the owner himself will learn to lead the team. It is more productive not just for the company financially but also in its credibility and social status.

The attached video above is great to apply when you watched it entirely. The message was well explained and they are practical to apply, click this. You can just write what you have understood in the video and read it again and then plan how you can apply it and when will you start to do it. Do not rush but take your time to adjust your routine and align it to the objective.