Outstanding Businessmen in Cambodia

Outstanding businessmen in Cambodia inspires many people around Cambodia especially in this time when ASEAN Project was launched. There are many things to talk about being a business person since you become the hero of the economic growth.

Kham Piseth is actually is one of the protagonist  and president in Project Management in Cambodia. He had an outstanding speech to motivate people in business management in order to become successful with clear conscience. There are things to consider when establishing a business or company.

Mong Reththy is the founder of Mong Reththy Group of Company and he is one of the most successful businessmen in South East Asia. With his company, he developed and expanded his company in Singapore, China, Philippines, etc. With the Samnang Khmeng Wat Construction Co., he put up buildings for the nation’s benefits like schools and apartments, infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Pung Kheav Se established the Canadian  Bank and the Chairman of Cambodia’s Foreign Trade Bank and the Association of Banks in Cambodia, in his old age.

Due to this, he is now one of the most famous bank owners in Asia. He is creating a lot of many and investment in the country.

Kith Meng is a business tycoon who founded the largest company in Cambodia, Royal Group of Companies. Not only this, he has a share in many successful companies in Cambodia such bank and insurance company, making him one of the most influential business man in the world.