How to Find a Job in Cambodia

One of the main reason of hardly finding a job in Cambodia is having no degrees. If you’re an entrepreneur and have your own business, usually you don’t need a degree right away but that’s not job bikes because you’re creating your own job. So you know being a freelancer or having your own business of course you don’t usually need a degree.

Cambodia is one of the most lacks systems although as it is said before that  works permits are getting more difficult now but you don’t need a degree to get a job in Cambodia and not all business require it. So, when you get a work permit it’s not one of the requirements unless that’s changed within the last week or month. As we said in Cambodia, things can change a lot and that is actually the key point to remember that  things do change like you couldn’t breath.

Before you find a job in Cambodia, asks yourself first if you are capable of working in the company that you want to apply for. Like try to get a better understanding that’s what you really want because Cambodia is a third world country and things are a lot of different in here. Because you do not need any qualifications working in this country, you don’t need a university degree, you don’t need a temple. It helps if you have a temple, but it’s not necessary. Make sure you work in your CV and a couple of things and make sure you have a laptop and a cellphone with a wifi. Business clothes and collared shirts that you can wear tie like nice pants, dress pants, dress and shirts in applying a work is very important.