The 5 important reasons to improve your communication skills

The first thing that a leader or a business owner must learn is how to communicate effectively.  Without proper communication tasks of employees cannot be delegated and productivity will be a problem. This is just one illustration to the effect of communication that was not done well. A business owner

Good management: The 4 tips in delegating effectively

Establishing and running a business is not easy. If you are the owner then surely you will hire some employees and more employees when you do expand or grow as a business. When your business is running, there may be conflicts and concerns you must take into consideration. You may

Outstanding Businessmen in Cambodia

Outstanding businessmen in Cambodia inspires many people around Cambodia especially in this time when ASEAN Project was launched. There are many things to talk about being a business person since you become the hero of the economic growth. Kham Piseth is actually is one of the protagonist  and president in

The Importance of Finding a Job?

There are many people around the world being drowned to hunger and thirst due to insufficient salary or allowance. However, they still try to survive from this world. Why do people have to find a job and finance their family or themselves? To feed yourself If you know how to